No one ever looks forward to visiting the dentist. Certainly not when they know they need more than a cleaning. When there is an internal issue with your teeth, it can be the source of significant anxiety. That is why we strive to move above and beyond the norm to offer you optimal comfort during dental procedures.

Here at Missouri Dental Specialists, our main focus is YOU! From the moment you walk in, to the second you walk out, we strive to provide quality services at your comfort level. We are here to make sure that your experience is as pleasant as we can possibly make it. We want you to feel confident in your smile, but we also want to alleviate your stress of getting there.

Please see the list of comfort services we provide below to better enhance your experience. If there are any other services we could provide to help you relax, please bring them to our attention.

Courtesy Guest Wi-Fi

We understand that everyone is different and so are their entertainment choices. Connect your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to our guest Wi-Fi and choose what you prefer to stream.


The sound of dental equipment can be one of the leading causes of anxiety during a dental procedure. We provide individual headphones for every patient, allowing you to drown out the noises that may accompany your dental procedure.

Warm, Cozy Blanket

Nothing beats the feeling of curling up to a warm blanket at home. We want you to feel at home, which is why we provide warm, clean blankets to optimize your comfort level.

Support Pillows

Get ready for a first-class comfort experience with our specialized neck pillows. The contoured design helps align your head, neck and shoulders offering optimal individualized support and ultra-plush comfort.

Beverage Center

Choose from a variety of complimentary beverages to quench your thirsts. Whether for you or someone accompanying you, drinks are available at all times during your visit.

Soothing Lip Balm

Oral health doesn’t just consist of your teeth and gums. It entails all parts of the mouth, including your lips. Dry lips can be uncomfortable regardless – especially during treatments. Help yourself to some lip balm to soothe and moisten your lips.


We provide your very own, stylish MDS sunglasses so that you can choose to keep your eyes open during the procedure, without bright lights in your eyes, or sit back and relax.


Forgot your music? No worries!  Each of our operatories play uninterrupted music from our internet radio.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas. This is a form of conscious sedation. This is a gas mixed with oxygen that can be administered throughout your appointment. While you are always awake, this can help soothe anxiety. It wears off quickly so you can return to your daily routine right after your appointment.

Please note that there is a small fee that applies for Nitrous Oxide.