Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM)

At Missouri Dental Specialists we care about the community we serve and are passionate about access to dental services. I have chosen to provide endodontic care for the Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM) since 2014. In addition, we have been providing our time and services as an office since 2017. This annual event provides free oral healthcare to all ages of patients who are unable to afford dental healthcare.

Since 2000, Mission of Mercy clinics have spanned across the nation providing dental services to more than 240,000 patients, totaling $172 million in free dental services. Specifically, Missouri has provided over $5.6 million in services to 9,735 patients with the help of 6,100 dental and general volunteers. It is a truly humbling experience to give to those in need and bring comfort to those suffering from oral health issues. Some of these patients may not have ever received any form of dental healthcare. Through the efforts of MOMOM and its volunteers, we are able to provide endodontic services to those that are not otherwise able to get the help they need. Although we are only a small part of the big picture, seeing the smiles of gratitude on the faces of all those being treated is what makes for an unforgettable experience for our entire staff.

To better understand the immensity of this event, we invite you to view our photo gallery and encourage you to consider volunteering your own time to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.