I was referred to the office by my dentist because of a bad tooth that was way too sensitive and he couldn’t find anything on the ex-rays so when I arrived at Missouri Dental Specialist they gave me the whole deal trying to find out what was going on and since I have such sensitivity going on Dr.Jannson and Emily were very caring about it and understood how I felt. He seen the ex-rays and a scan and showed lots of swelling in my root and slight cracks so right there he did a root canal on one and another root canal on another, apparently I had way too much sensitivity in both teeth , the staff are very sweet and patient and understanding, thank you all for everything and your kindness for someone who is very nervous about having teeth touched , don’t ever change in how you handle patients because how you were with me will gain a lifetime of trust , I will always come back to you all if I ever need to again , thank you so much!!

- Kristina H

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