We were referred by our local dental facility on a same-day immediate need, due to my child accidentally breaking a front tooth. They made room for us that same afternoon, understanding that we had to travel 1-1/2 hours to get there. When we arrived, I was impressed by the team's friendliness and professionalism. First visit, I needed to fill-out a two-page form and sign a few things (the usual). My child is special needs and the team handled him with care - as if he were their own. After 32 years in the Army, I'm critical about everything I see. I was amazed at the kind treatment we were receiving, even though it was near closing time. I'm also very observant in detail: the facility is exceptionally clean, well organized, the equipment clearly the latest technology and comfortable. What struck me the most was the professionalism and efficiency that was demonstrated as I watched Dr. Jansson and Liza (Dental Assitant) work; there was almost no verbal communication between them as they switched "tools" and performed the root canal procedure, completing it in less than 20 minutes from the moment they started (not including numbing up the site). And their conservation with us throughout was friendly and enjoyable. My son actually did not complain throughout the experience - and that is AMAZING. Nothing like it. My child is a happy camper today. Strongly recommend this facility and will request them in the future for similar needs.

- Jon B

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