I was referred to Dr. Jansson for a root canal by my dentist. His receptionist was great and got me in very quickly. I have had two root canals in the past and swore I would never have another due to how much pain I was in after the procedures. However, when you are told that a root canal is what you need you don't really have a whole lot of choice. I have been totally amazed at how different my experience was this time with Dr. Jansson and his staff. My procedure was two days ago and I have had only mild discomfort which was easily managed with ibuprofen and today I am basically pain free. Not to say that I will ever be "ready" to have a root canal, but Dr. Jansson certainly has made me realize that they don't have to be a miserable experience. I would very highly recommend Missouri Dental Specialists! Thank you Dr. Jansson and staff!

- Judy B

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